Car Hire

At TravelBestieUg our fleet of vehicles includes Toyota mini-vans and Landcruiser that are ideal for both self-drive and guided safaris. Thanks to regular maintenance, they are all in good condition and clean. They are custom made for long trips both in the sense of comfort and an engine that never heats up.

In case you want internet access during your trip, we are happy to improvise you with a router.  They are custom made for Africa’s terrain and have all-Terrain Tyres. This makes them perfect even for off-road adventures. They also have a Hi-lift jack and two spare tyres just in case you get a flat tyre.

In an effort to enable you to have unobstructed 3600views of wildlife during game drives, the cars have pop-up roofs. Their viewing deck doubles as a luggage carrier, just in case you have excess luggage. Prior to departure for a trip, all our cars undergo a full and thorough service.

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