Gorilla Tracking Safari Rwanda

Kigali & Virunga National Park


A wildlife adventure unlike any other, this itinerary offers the chance for close encounters with mountain gorillas and beautiful golden monkeys.

Hike the densely forested slopes of Rwanda’s picturesque Virungas Volcanoes in search of the world’s largest population of wild mountain gorillas.

Gaze out onto soaring mountain slopes enveloped in lush and tropical vegetation.

Immersed in this dramatic natural setting, enjoy the opportunity to watch the intriguing interaction between gorilla families or set out in search of troops of the enchanting golden monkeys.

This itinerary is ideal for anyone eager for a glimpse of these great primates while undisturbed in their beautiful natural setting.

  • A road transfer to Volcanoes National Park takes approximately 5 hours
  • Set out in search of magical encounters with the families of Mountain gorilla that makes the Virunga Mountains their home.
  • A wildlife experience with the magnificent mountain gorilla is like no other. Savor every second as you watch them foraging, playing, teasing each other, eating, or slumbering in an uncanny resemblance to ourselves. At times the trek to view them may be arduous, with steep rises covered in dense vegetation. Inhabiting areas which are not easily reachable, gorillas reside where there is an abundance of food plants near the ground and think nothing of climbing incredibly lofty hills to get to them. Your formidable trek will be richly rewarded when you first set eyes on these extraordinary creatures. Try to spend as much time as possible in this phenomenal part of Rwanda, as it is a very special place.
  • When not trekking for gorillas, spend a morning searching the lush vegetation at the foot of Mount Sabyinyo for one of two habituated groups of the golden monkeys, one of them a troop of more than 80 members.
  • Explore this scenic landscape to where Dian Fossey carried out her ground-breaking gorilla research, traversing slopes covered with rainforest and bamboo
  • Take time to visit the local community and engage in the culture of the area, visiting a coffee plantation or local traditional homestead